About us

Photo First Aid started out as a small one person venture in November 2005 with some rigid core principles:


  • Provide the best possible product
  • Provide the best possible service
  • Provide fair and accurate pricing
  • Provide a professional service with a personal touch
  • Excel in all we do
  • Working from these principles we steadily grew, adding new services as we were able to without affecting our core principles.


As demand for our services increased we took on an extra staff member in April 2007 allowing us to carry out more specialised work in a shorter time frame. We are now a small but strong team and are able to work on larger order that can take weeks, months or even years to complete, whilst also taking smaller order that can be turned around quickly.


We never compromise on quality or service so occasionally there may be a short delay before we can start smaller orders as we have to fit them into our schedule, but it does allow us to produce a top quality product for every single order.


The team is managed by Oliver, our founder. He has extensive interest in the multimedia field and has over a decade of experience behind him. Our other staff member, Jenny, has been trained under his supervision to make sure the work is completed to the same exacting standards that has allowed the business to flourish from the first day of trading.


In line with our core principles we only use the best equipment and media for all our work:


All our CDs are produced on top quality Verbatim discs which we can print a custom design onto. We never use CD labels in case they damage the disc or your DVD player.


For all our DVD work, we only burn media onto Verbatim or Datawrite Titanium discs, we have found both to be excellent and have no hesitation in using them. Again, we print directly onto the disc itself, we never use DVD labels in case they damage the disc or your DVD player.


All our printing work is carried out by Epson professional printers, using the latest Epson Ultrachrome inkset and professional Epson and Hahnemühle papers. We would never use cheaper third party papers or inks, which may cost us less to buy but produce an inferior print.


All our audio cassettes are transferred using a top of the range Teac tape deck for the best possible reproduction of your audio.


All our records are transferred using a Project Debut III SB turntable. These machines have won many awards in audio circles and we are confident that we can reproduce a depth and richness of sound that you may not have even heard from your records before!


At the end of the day, whether we are working with a big company or an individual, the customer needs to be happy with the product and service they receive. If they are happy they will use our services again and recommend us to others, and that's what we strive for every day, customer satisfaction is our top priority.