Video Services

Camcorder to DVD / Blu-Ray Transfer Service


Our camcorder tape transfer service is incredibly similar to our VHS transfer service so if you've read that page you'll have to excuse us if we repeat ourselves!


Basic Tape to DVD Service


This is our basic service, and usually all that is needed, with no added extras - just a high quality copy from everything at the start of the tape until the tape is finished or the recording is stopped as the footage has finished.


This is perfect for backing up tapes for the convenience of watching on DVD but aren't of any great importance.




Our pricing is very straight forward. We charge £10 per hour of footage we transfer. We think it's much fairer to charge for the amount of footage you have than on how long the tape is, after all, half the tape could be blank!


We do have a minimum charge of £20 for camcorder tape transfers as it takes a little while to get new orders setup, so that helps to cover the time it takes. So anything up to the first two hours of footage will be £20 and any further hours will be charged at £10 per hour.


Explanation of our prices


You may have been shopping around for tape transfer services and found our prices to be slightly higher than other companies, but let us explain why.


The processes that we use to transfer VHS and camcorder tapes are more involved than many of our competitors and produce a better product for the customer but it takes longer to create the transfer.



Enhanced Tape to DVD or Blu-Ray Service


This is our more advanced service which is perfect for cherished recordings from tape that are going to be watched time and again. We transfer the recording onto DVD or Blu-Ray disc via our computer systems, editing out the fuzzy part that are almost always noticeable at the start and end of recordings when one video runs into another.


Your DVD or Blu-Ray disc will start with a crisp shot and finish in exactly the same way.


Once we have transferred your recording onto our computers we can offer a range of services which we can add to each transfer to make them extra special.


Colour and Brightness Enhancement


If you VHS tape hasn't aged very well you may find it is rather dark, or has developed a colour cast.


It isn't just age that can cause these problems, videos filmed in dark conditions or under fluorescent lighting can also create dark videos or colours that don't look right. In many cases we can fix the problems, or at the very least reduce the severity of the effects!

We hope to have some video showing our video enhancements soon, please check back or call us for more details.


We are currently adding content to this page, if you have any enquiries about our video services please do contact us.