Audio Services

Cassette tapes to MP3 and CD

Cassette tapes were great in their day, the ability to record virtually anything at the touch of a button revolutionised the industry. Time has moved on however, the cassette tapes are yesterday's technology and are rapidly becoming obsolete. Hi-Fi systems are now being sold with iPod attachments and the ability to play MP3s, but with no cassette deck being included.


The decline in the ability to play cassette tapes, along with their age and fragility to dust, damp and stretching, have left many a treasured tape languishing in a cupboard never to be heard again.


Happily Photo First Aid has a remedy for that!


We are able to transfer cassette tapes onto professional quality Verbatim CDs, audio DVDs or MP3 using top of the range TEAC cassette decks and professional quality cabling for the best possible sound reproduction.


Audio Enhancement


When we have copied the audio, you have the option of having the recording enhanced to reduce or remove the background static hiss that is prevalent on cassette tapes, and any unwanted pops and crackles that can also intrude into the recordings.


On older recordings especially, the background noise can be quite prevalent but thanks to your enhancement techniques we are able to perform remarkable transformations! We have had customers commenting that they haven't heard their recording "since I first bought it!"


It's fantastic being able to that for people, and now we can for you too! Around 95% of our customers choose to have the enhancement service as the tapes or records are only going to be transferred once so it makes sense for them to sound the best they possibly can.


CD Covers and Designs


Once we have done all that we finish off the package with a personalised CD box and disc, printed with any design or personal message you like.


A personal and perfect gift for a loved one, or a great way to treat yourself and give you peace of mind that your recordings are safe.

Creative Ideas


Do you still have a cassette deck with a microphone? If so there are an amazing number of things that you can still do with it! Here are some great ideas:


Many of us have cassettes of ourselves, our children, or even our grand children playing or singing on home recorded audio cassettes. These can make a superbly personal and touching gift for parents and grand parents or just to keep for future generations.

Do you have friends or family abroad? Do you have a loved one in the forces? Why not send an audio letter? More personal than a letter, infinitely longer lasting than a phone call.

Writing a will? Have your thoughts and personal messages read by you to your loved ones to comfort them and to leave your wishes and instructions in your words.


Cassette Tape to CD Transfer Prices