Photo Services

Photographic Collages

This photograph was a collection of images taken in 1918.


There was text below the pictures in the photograph album they came to us in. We scanned the text and added it at interesting points in the photograph.

Our photograph collages make a perfect gift for a loved family member or friend. We have created collages from all sorts of images, such as pictures of siblings as they grew up together, a trip of a lifetime holiday, a collation of sporting photographs from an old bikers youth, and we can do a similar thing for you.


This can be a very personal and emotional gift as it will be truly unique to you or the recipient. We will enhance each of your images so that they will be at their best and then create an artistic compilation of your images. We can cut out figures and objects to melt the images into one amazing artwork that you will be proud to hang on your wall.


Your images can come from a number or sources: digital files, negatives, photographs or Polaroids. They can be of all ages, you may wish to have some of the older images restored while we create your collage and perhaps some of your more recent ones retouched.


If you have been researching you genealogy, why not have a collage of your family photographs through the generations?


If you are interested in our photographic collages you may wish to combine this with our photo enhancement or photo restoration and repair services. We can combine any of our services into a package unique to you. Please do not hesitate to ask if what you wish for is not here – we are more than happy to discuss your individual requirements.