Audio Services

Dictaphone tapes to MP3 and CD

Welcome to our Dictaphone tape transfer page, we are proud to be one of a select few companies in the country offering this service.


We can transfer, edit and recode all your Dictaphone footage into digital format, such as MP3 or WMA or make it into an audio CD.


Dictaphone tape to audio CD, MP3 or Both - It's your choice


We are happy to work to your exacting requirements, whether you require Dictaphone tapes transferring to an audio CD or converting to MP3 format for playback on an iPod or similar MP3 device, or you need multiple copies, we can work to your needs, contact us today for more information.


Audio Enhancement


Due to their very nature Dictaphone recordings tend to be low quality with a lot of background hissing and general interference, it is possible to reduce the amount of background noise but it is more of a time consuming process than on standard cassette tapes. If you require this service in a hurry but would like the audio enhancement service please contact us for details on how long it will take us to complete your order.


MP3 Conversion


Once we have transferred your footage onto we are able to make a high quality MP3 copy if required.


Disc Presentation and Quality


We record all our audio onto top quality Verbatim media, which has provided with very high quality, reliable CDs time after time. Once your discs are created, we can print any wording you require directly onto the disc (we do not use CD labels) and also onto the disc box, this allows for easy organisation and looks very neat when stored on a shelf. Please include a note stating what wording you would like with your order.


We have worked with recordings of:


  • Lecture notes
  • Meetings
  • Interviews
  • Recordings to be used in divorce proceedings
  • Recordings to be used in court proceedings


All the recordings are kept in the strictest confidence and can be packaged and returned in discreet packaging should the need arise. Once payment has cleared we can deliver to an alternate address such as a work address should the need arise.


If you prefer to have your CDs documented we can print a personalised label for the disc itself and the CD cover for easy organisation.