Photo Enhancement Services

Our photographic  enhancement services can correct, improve and enhance a multitude of photographic mishaps to bring life back to pictures, and enable you to see them as they were originally intended.


Many amateur photographers have photographs that look wonderful through the viewfinder but when they came back from the printers or are viewed on a computer they look dark, washed out, pale and colourless and generally uninspiring. This is where we come in! Quite often there is a lot of detail stored in a photograph that just can't be seen. With our enhancement service we will use our expertise to tease the best out of any image, making the image punchier, richer and closer to how you remember it.


What can we enhance?


Virtually anything! We have included some examples below showing a selection of the most common requests for photographic enhancements. Though the problems may be similar, each picture is unique and will be treated as such. We are just as skilled in working with unique requirements as we are with common problems and each photograph will be assessed and treated individually.


Poor quality photographs


This can be anything from mistakes with cropping to editing which leaves pictures looking washed out, the example below illustrates both points perfectly!


At first glance, the above photo looks like we have enhanced the image by cropping out the right edge of the studio, that would have been a quick fix but a poor one. We didn't do that as it would have made the picture unbalanced with the model too far to the right.


Instead we digitally cloned out the edge of the studio and blended the shadowing so it's not noticeable that any work has been carried out.


We have also enhanced the photo to really make the models clothes jump out of the screen and look like they have a richness and depth to them.

It's hard to believe that the photo on the right hand photo above is the same image as the one on the left but it is! There is a huge amount of information held in digital images which you don't normally see. Using our specialist photographic enhancement techniques we can tease that information out of the photo to produce really vibrant saturated images, perfect for a multitude of photographic projects!




This is one of the most common mistakes as it is so easy to do, the wonderful scene that you tried to capture turns out far too dark! Luckily our enhancement service can bring the magic back to the photograph in the vast majority of cases!

If you look closely you can see this is the same photograph, though it doesn't look it at first glance!


We have enhanced the picture by correcting the underexposure whilst retaining the detail in the white of the boats and the clouds. This avoids any unsightly white 'voids' in the picture, the technical term for that is called burning out.

In this photograph you can barely make out what species of bird it is!


Using our specialist photographic techniques and a little bit of patience we are able to extract the best out of this delightful picture of a Robin.


We have enhanced the photograph by lightening up the underexposed picture as a whole, and enhancing the image by warming up the colour so the photograph doesn't have a cold feel to it.


Removing Distracting Objects Intruding Into The Scene


It's amazing how many photographs we receive to enhance that are from family portraits which have objects such as lampshades and plants seeming to grow out of the backs of peoples heads!


This photograph needing enhancing in a completely different way. For this image we have:


  • Turned the image to black and white after it had gone a mouldy sepia
  • Removed the staining visible on the dress and in the clouds
  • Cropped the image to remove the unwanted excessive space at the top of the picture
  • And most obviously, removed the tower growing out from behind the subjects head


Enhancing Colour Photographs


Another way we can enhance and enliven photographs is to remove and distracting background elements to the images. This Rhino is a prime example, it would be a great wildlife shot except for the brightly dressed people walking in the background. Through a little bit of airbrushing a Photo First Aid magic we can remove those people for a more natural picture

Turning Colour Photographs into Black and White or Sepia Toned Images


Colour photographs are great, but sometimes it takes a black and white, sepia or duo toned picture to really bring emotion into a picture. By turning the Rhino picture black and white, and also sepia, we remove a good snapshot and instantly the emphasis of the picture is on mood and texture.


If you are wanting to create the perfect 'mood shot' then please do get in touch. As well as enhancing and restoring images, several of our staff are also avid photographers and will be only to happy to discuss your photographs and how we can achieve exactly the emotion you are looking for in a picture.


Our motto is - 'If you can think of it, Photo First Aid can do it!'

Colouring Black and White Images


We have coloured black and white images giving a similar effect to the hand tinted photographs of the past. This can give a really special touch to a restoration for a loved one. We just request that you give us descriptions of the colours of hair, eyes and clothing and if possible back drop colouring. Anything you do not know or cannot remember we can work out with you to try to find a tint suitable to your taste and the rest of the colours within the image.



All our enhancement services are priced individually according to how much work is required on each picture.


For your reassurance we can also talk you through the stages of the process, to check that what we are doing is what you like, sending previews by email to make sure you are happy with the finished product.


Please contact us for details on how to get a quote for your photograph enhancement.


We are based just outside Preston in Lancashire, so if you live locally we would love to see you and discuss your requirements personally. Please contact us to make an appointment today!