Scanning Services

Medium Format Scanning Services


If you are a user of medium format film then you will understand the quality, richness and depth of image that the medium is able to produce. The results can be breathtaking, and the level of detail is superb compared to 35mm film.


We at Photo First Aid understand that the images you have carefully composed demand special attention to reproduce them to the best of their ability, and thanks to our years of experience, attention to detail and professional quality equipment, we are confident that we can exceed your expectations in our scanning work.


Our scanning experts are highly trained in how to extract the most detail out of an image whilst keeping the colour accuracy absolutely spot on, it's no use turning round images quickly only for the customer to find that the images do not look how they were supposed to.

We like to think of ourselves as craftsmen rather than working on a production line, we take a little longer in our work but everything is done by hand - we do not, and would never, use any batch scanning methods to scan images quickly for the maximum profit for the minimum effort. We take our time, working with each image to produce the best possible reproduction in line with the customers requirements.


We are skilled Photoshop users and should the customer require some additional work on the photograph in post production, we are happy to accommodate. We are equally happy to produce a straight scan with no enhancements should that be what is required.


We have worked with many customers ranging from amateur photography enthusiasts, to professional photographers right up to corporations with whole image libraries to scan. We are currently working with AGCO Corporation scanning their entire European picture archive of over 100,000 photographs and illustrations which are used in publications, exhibitions and websites the world over.


Price List


**Update in process - New Prices coming soon**
**Please Call with your requirements for a quote**


Please note we have a minimum order value of £15.

Large Order - Business to Business


If you are a business with a collection of images such as an image library, then we would love to hear from you!

We will work out a tailored price based on a number of factors including:


  •     The amount of images that need to be scanned
  •     The size of the scan (in dpi and file size)
  •     The formats we are saving them to
  •     The numbering of the images - do they all have their own unique reference number we would need to replicate on each image?
  •     The condition of the images
  •     The storage of the images, are they stored individually in bags, are they in pouches etc.
  •     Would we be required to perform manual checking on each image after scanning them
  •     Would we be required to perform any post processing on the images
  •     The time-scale for the order


We have no upper or lower limits on the amount of images we are prepared to work with, we will assess each order on it's own merits and challenges as outlined above whether you have 100 or 500,000+ images to scan.