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Polaroids & Print Scanning Services


Our Polaroid and print scanning service is perfect for making digital copies of old images before they fade and deteriorate over time.


Polaroids, especially, were never designed to be displayed for years on end and degrade much more quickly and more severely than normal photographs, so it is vitally important that they are scanned and archived before they deteriorate and become unrecognisable over time.


We can scan Polaroids and photographs of all sizes and back them up onto PenDrive or DVD, from which we can make fantastic photographic prints from them.


Price List


**Update in process - New Prices coming soon**
**Please Call with your requirements for a quote**


Please note we have a minimum order value of £15.


For Polaroids and prints that need some enhancement work, i.e. if they are ripped or faded, we can advise a price when we scan the images..


If you are a business or organisation which requires a large amount of images to be scanned then please see our medium format scanning page for more information on large orders.

From our offices just outside Preston in Lancashire, we provide Polaroid and photograph scanning services across the UK. Why not contact us today and discover how our Polaroid and print scans can improve faded image and create a wonderful backup of all your old precious photographs