Printing Services

We are very proud of our printing services and are excited to be able to offer  a wide range of options to suit all your printing requirements:

Printing Sizes

We offer a bespoke service, and can tailor make any size print you require.

We have printed all sizes from as small as a locket sized photo all the way up to a 44 ” wide panoramic.

Printing Photo Collages

We can  design and print a collage of all your best photographs!

Our collages are as individual as you are, we don't just put a load of photographs together and print them off in a big grid, we intermingle them together, creating a stunning image with many different aspects and shapes in it.

We are very happy to try and work to your requests as well, so if you want a collage a particular way we will do our best to make that happen.

Printing Photo Timelines

New service – we can now add a collection of photographs together to produce a brilliant time-line of photographs.
We can print anything you can think of - examples include stages in a family members life showing them as they grow up, a brilliant sporting moment frame by frame or your house throughout the years - if you have the pictures of it, we can print it, including in panoramic format!

Printing Media

As standard we print on Epson premium glossy, premium semi-gloss or premium luster papers.

We also print on Hahnemühle Fine Art papers including Photo Rag Baryta, Sugar Cane and Bamboo.

Will can also print on other mediums at request including, board, satin and matt papers.

We are also planning on introducing high quality canvas prints.

Please contact us for more information about these services.

We can print as wide as 44 ”, so a standard size photo can be printed as large as 44"x66”, keeping the proportions intact. As previously mentioned we can also print panoramic prints, so as long as it is no taller than 44 ” we can print as wide as you like!

We can print as wide as 44 ”, so a standard size photo can be printed as large as 44"x66”, keeping  the proportions intact. As previously mentioned we can also print panoramic photos, so as long as it is no taller than 44 ” we can print as wide as you like!

Standard Paper Types

Premium Glossy

This is a wonderful paper for photographs that demand saturated, vibrant, colours. The paper has a high gloss finish which produce a real richness to any images printed on it. It's a perfect paper for high contrast photographs that can really light a room up.

Premium Semi Gloss

This is our favourite Epson paper. Whether you demand saturated colourful images or understated thoughtful black and whites, semi gloss can adapt to most requirements. Semi gloss is an excellent paper for portraits and landscapes.

Premium Luster

Alternatively if your requirements are for something a little more refined may we suggest our luster paper, which provides a more subtle finish, there is a slight shine to it but it not overpowering and renders colours realistically and delicately. It is an exceptionally good paper for pastel shades or rich black and whites, sepias and duo tone.

Printing Technology

All our prints are made on professional Epson printers using the latest Ultrachrome ink technology and highest quality paper to give the best possible finish, whatever we are printing. We are very excited to announce that we are using Epsons latest large format printer the Stylus Pro 9900 which can produce prints that truely have to be seen to believed and last a lifetime.


The technology inside our printers allows for pigment ink to be used which is excellent against fading but with the brilliance of colour that is expected from dye based printers, truly the best of both worlds.


As well as producing fantastic colour images our printers truly excel at monochrome printing, with three different shades of black in each printer, the  tones that can be reproduced are a match for any darkroom. We can also print warm tone, cool tone, or duo tone.


Hand Checking

All our printing is hand checked and your order, whatever the size or cost is given special attention. We don't leave a batch of photographs printing and go off and do something else. Each print is checked as it comes out of the printer and carefully stored until it is dispatched.


The prints take up to an hour until the colours stabilise and are dry but we like to leave up to 48 hours between printing and dispatching just to be sure the print quality matches our exacting standards.


As we do everything by hand it can take a little longer than some of the bigger labs where everything is automated. Of course should the print be required more quickly we can offer quicker turn around times but it will cost more, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Media we accept

We are equipped to handle images from a variety of media sources including:

  • Memory cards (please see the image recovery page for the full list we accept)
  • USB Pen Drives
  • CDs, DVDs, (+R/RW & -R/RW /dual layer)
  • Blu-Ray discs (single and dual layer R & RW)
  • Email attachments
  • Hard drives with connections by USB2, Firewire and eSATA (IDE by special request)


We can also make prints from:

  • Slides & negatives of any size up to 10x8” including glass slides
  • Prints
  • Polaroids
  • Stills from VHS and camcorder tape (though quality will be reduced due to the low resolution of the media we are capturing the image from).


Currently all our print quotes are tailored to the individual customer. Please contact us with your requirements.




More information on it's way.


Watch this space!