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Records / LPs / Vinyl to CD Transfer


Records, vinyl, LP...they were fantastic at the time but the march of time has seen them grow out of favour and they have made way for the far more convenient CDs, so much so that good quality record players are now scarce on the market, and those that are available are quite expensive and generally require amps etc to make the most of them.


If you have a yearning to hear your old records that are stored in the loft but don't have the means to play them anymore then Photo First Aid has just the solution for you.


What we can do with old records


We can transfer old records, LPs, Vinyl, EP's etc. onto CD and create a superb reproduction of the original sound onto convenient CDs.


We use high quality turntables, fantastic quality cabling and professional level computer equipment to create the best possible reproduction of your old records.

Types of records we transfer


We can backup 33s, 45s and even 78s to CD or audio DVD.


Audio enhancement


As with our cassette transfer service we offer audio enhancement on all our vinyl and LP transfers. Audio enhancement is included in the pricing for our record transfers as the recordings really benefit from the enhancement. If you would prefer not to have your recording enhanced to reduce or remove static pops and hisses please tell us before we commence the transfer.




Track splitting


We transfer records onto CD in the way that they were meant to be played - as one long continuous recording. When you receive your transferred record on CD there will be one long track which will be the whole of the record.


We don't offer track splitting as standard as it is a very time consuming process to manually select the start and end of each piece of music and add the song details for each track. It is something we can offer but we will price it separately depending on how much work is involved on each record. Please ask for more details.


Copyright notice

These backup copies are for you as the owner of the original, in the event of the original being sold, the digital copy we have made for you must stay with the original. Because of this reason we can only make only one copy in each format.


From our offices just outside Preston in Lancashire, we can provide record / LP and Vinyl transfer services across the UK. Why not contact us today and discover how our LP transfers can enhance long forgotten recordings and make your old music a pleasure to listen to again.