Photo Services

Photo Repair & Restoration

We understand that out of all the services we provide, photo repair and restoration is the one that means the most to people. Often we receive photographs in a very fragile state, sometimes faded into almost nothing, sometimes in many pieces. It's our job to provide the best possible reconstruction of that photo for the customer.


We take great pride in our work, working on the pictures for as long as it takes to produce the best possible photograph. The greatest reward is the reaction from the customer when we show them the restoration, we have had smiles, laughs, hugs and some tears. We are very proud to say that everyone has left a happy customer, anything less and we wouldn't have done our job properly.


We have repaired photos with various types of damage including:


  • Creases
  • Missing corners
  • Fading and discolouration
  • Mould spots
  • Rips and tears
  • Water damage

We have removed the green crayon, restored the ripped corners, repaired the cracks and corrected the colour cast.

We have extensively restored this image which was in 27 pieces just about held together with sellotape!


This is a close up of the above restoration to show the detail we put into our photo restoration work.

The original of this picture was a very small picture that had been held in a purse for years.


The two main areas we worked on were removing the green cast and bringing the colour back, and making the subject larger in the frame.


Luckily much of the damage was in the sky which was easy to crop out, and simple to rebuild the areas that couldn't be cropped.

This was quite an interesting picture to restore with a very important history.


The image was one of the only things saved (without damage) in a house fire and the sentimental value of the image was priceless. More than twenty years later the picture was accidentally left under a radiator which leaked causing the damage.


This picture was quite unique to restore as we had to rebuild the hair on the right side of the picture along with many small details.


You can see that the doll is missing some hair, the child has some chin, and most tricky from a restoration point of view, the dress was damaged and missing many details.


We had to very carefully rebuild some of the flower pattern and the shoulder.


I'm pleased to say the final version was a great success and the customer was delighted!

This is the original version, as you can see there is a big tear directly down the middle of one poor chap.


There are also numerous tears across the rest of the image, including the middle gentleman’s jacket.


You may also notice a mark on the face of the seated lady on the right and general fading of the image.


In the final version we've been able to rebuild the face, jacket and shoe of the man on the left. We even had to recreate his nose virtually from scratch, not a job to be sniffed at!


We also repaired all the other tears and scuffs, and for printing, enhanced the image to remove the dullness caused by decades of fading and dirt accumulation.

This was a tricky one to restore! The picture itself was in very good condition with no tears or major ripping damage.

However it had been stored in an oval frame for many years and as you can see it had faded unevenly. The inner, stronger yellow oval was the part that was exposed to the sun, the outer area was hidden in the oval mount.


This picture was almost like two restorations in one. We had to smooth out the edge, repair some damage at the bottom and correct the colour.


We then had to work on the inner, more faded area, correcting that colour separately and blending it into the outer oval so it matched, very tricky to get right but we got there in the end!

Photo damaged with fading and cracks


It can be hard to see exactly how detailed our restorations are, be assured that we repair as many of the smaller creases and marks as possible whilst still keeping our prices competitive.


Please find below a close up view of the above image, the main area of damage to this photograph was where the protective finish had aged badly and started crinkling and cracking, as can be made out from the close up view below. It can be quite tricky to fix these problems as they create a fine mesh of damaged photograph over a wide area.

With our experience we are confident that we can repair the vast majority of problems, we are very pleased to be able to say that all our orders have turned out very successfully.