Scanning Services

We offer a variety of services which can be seen on the menu to the left and include scanning:



Once we have scanned your order, we can place onto a Pen Drive (Flash Drive)or create a data DVD with all the photographs on. We can source a suitable, high quality, Pen Drive for your images.



What we can scan

We can scan everything from locket size images up to A3 prints, Polaroids, and most film types including 35mm, APS, 120, 220, 5x4, 8x10 and more, in colour or black and white, positive or negative.


All formats can be scanned up to 4000dpi using no interpolation and every scan is hand checked by skilled operators for colour accuracy and quality.


Every order is treated uniquely and we are happy to accept individual requests, i.e. scanning and enlarging one part of the image. Why not take time to speak to one of our experts and discuss your needs so we can tailor a package for you.


Our carefully calibrated scanners will scan to most file types, including JPG and TIFF.


We take great pride in our scanning services and use only professional  grade equipment and employ strict quality control procedures to ensure that our service will satisfy our clients no matter how demanding their standards.

Scanning enhancements

For an  additional charge negatives and transparencies can have a  digital enhancement service applied. This will remove the majority of dust and scratch marks, correct colour casts from old images and smooth the visual effects of grain.

Please note that the service is not available on Kodachrome, black and white negatives or Infra-red film.

What we can scan to

We can create most file types and output to CD, DVD, PenDrive, memory card or directly onto a hard disk.

Large Orders

Due to the way we can scale our workload we are as happy working with multinational companies as we are with the individual.


We have extensive experience working on large projects,

Our largest volume order was with AGCO Ltd scanning their entire picture library of around 125,000 images in all slide formats.


Large orders are supervised by Oliver, the owner of the business, who will liaise with you on all matters relating to your order.


Please see our medium format scanning page for more information on working with large orders.

Slideshows on DVD

For those who may not yet use a smart TV and have fond memories of gathering round the projector for a family slide show, why not have a movie DVD disc created with all your photographs on it.


We can create slideshows that will automatically move to the next picture after a set time and we can even add a menu screen so you can pick between different shows, all without having to manhandle a big silver screen or load up any carousels!


All you have to do it put it into your DVD player and you can watch all your photographs on your TV.