Video Transfer Services

VHS video and camcorder tapes have been used for many years but have become obsolete very quickly.


Once your video recorder or camcorder breaks down it either costs a small fortune to repair or it has to be replaced, and it's almost impossible to find old equipment in the digital age.

Luckily Photo First Aid is on hand for all your video transfer requirements. Through a combination of old and new technology we are able to transfer all your old VHS cassette and camcorder tapes onto DVD or digital MP4 files on Pen Drive ready for viewing in your DVD player, computer, tablet  or even a Smart TV .


We offer several levels of transfer services, all of which are available on DVD or Blu-Ray:


We can copy your tapes to DVD as is (i.e. no editing or menus) so you put the DVD in your player and it just plays.


We can copy your tapes to DVD and edit them to remove unwanted sections (such as static, blanks and TV programmes that have been left on tapes with home-movie footage.


We can copy your tapes, then later edit them to your specifications - contact us  for details of how to arrange this.


As with our audio service to CD, we can print a customised box and DVD cover.

Maybe you would like an important photograph printing on the cover or a special message to a loved one.

Just contact us to discuss your requirements.


We are also able to offer photographic prints from your VHS and camcorder tapes!


Just tell us the place on the tape where you would like a print made and we can create a still image and have it printed while we are transferring your tapes!


Please note that due to the low resolution of VHS and camcorder tapes the quality won't be as good as you would usually expect from a photograph.


For more information about our different video services please see the menu on the left or contact us.